SAMSON cryogenic globe or angle control valves withstand temperatures as lows as -459° F (-273°C) to as high as +149°F (+65°C). Cryogenic valves are used for vapor and gas processes as well as sanitary processes.

SAMSON hygienic and aseptic control valves are made of stainless steel and PTFE/PEEK with wetted internal polished or machine finishes designed for CIP/SIP. For stricter purity, optional steam-line connections are available. Hygienic and aseptic angle control valves are available in sizes one-fourth to five inches. SAMSON also manufactures sanitary pressure regulators for use in hygienic and aseptic processes.

SAMSON steam converting valves simultaneously reduce the pressure and temperature of superheated steam by injecting water into the steam, downstream of the vena contracta. This method maximizes the process efficiency by using steam near the saturation point while minimizing cost since the cooling water doesn’t need preheating and wear & tear on the downstream piping and equipment is reduced.  Steam converting valves can be ordered either globe or angle in ANSI sizes two to twenty inches, class 150 to 900.

All SAMSON valves have a modular design utilizing pneumatic or electric actuators with digital pneumatic or electric positioners to fit your process needs. Other accessories such as metal bellows, heating jackets, noise reducers and boosters can be added as needed.

Axial Flow Control Valves

SAMSON Axial Flow Control Valves

Steam Conditioning Valves

SAMSON Steam Conditioning Valves

PTFE/PFA Lined Globe Valves

SAMSON PTFE/PFA Lined Globe Valves

PTFE/PFA Lined Rotary Valves

SAMSON PTFE/PFA Lined Rotary Valves

Ceramic Lined Valves

SAMSON Ceramic Lined Valves

API 6A/6D Valves