In House Maintenance & Repair

New Valve Automation – With our relationships with many factories, TVI can build automation packages to supply your needs. Packages can include supporting documentation and asset tracking.

TVI proudly services its customers with six repair locations. By strategically placing VR shops throughout our served market, we offer our customers the advantage of in-house repair with the convenience of local service.

New Relief Valve and VR Repair – With three National Board and ASME certified repair locations, we have the personnel and equipment to repair all of your relief valves in our facilities. All of our VR repairs follow our quality process that has been approved by the National Board.

High Pressure Relief Valve Repair – TVI uses an AVK to set valves that may have a set pressure in excess of our test stand capabilities.

Non-Code Relief Valve Repair – TVI has expertise in refurbishing conservation vents and, flame arrestors, and other equipment. Although not governed by the National Board, our repair process follows a stringent standard to bring valves back to a like-new condition.

Gate, Globe, Check Valves – TVI has the in house capabilities of repairing manual valves in excess of 72″. This includes repair, replacement of parts, and hydro-testing.

Automated Valve Repair – Do you have valves that need to be automated? Bring them to TVI. We have the in-house knowledge to properly size any valve and can build brackets and couplings. In addition, TVI can rebuild any control valve or automated valve package. TVI only uses factory parts in all repairs – ensuring your valves will be returned to you in the best condition possible.

Contact your local TVI representative to inquire about other capabilities and services.

On-Site Maintenance and Repair

Welded In Relief Valves – Valve repair trailers has expanded TVI’s support of customers to include many areas of on-site maintenance and repair. TVI has the tools to repair any relief valve that’s welded in place. We can come onsite and pre-test valves as well as repair in place.

On-Site Relief Valve Repair – TVI can bring a mobile repair facility to your location. This can reduce the turnaround time on valves by eliminating the drive time to a shop. Our team of valve technicians have years of experience working on all brands of relief valves.

Field Machining – TVI has the tools and expertise to field machine most parts within manufacturer’s recommended tolerances reducing the need to return to a shop to complete valve repairs. This capability greatly reduces repair time for customers.

Welded in Valve Repair – TVI’s team is trained to repair any type of valve welded in place or flanged valves where customers would prefer a repair in place rather than valve removal. This includes pressure seal valves, Orbit valves, as well as gate, globe and check valves.

On-Site Valve Repair – TVI’s mobile trailer contains fixed equipment as well as mobile equipment to inspect, repair, and test valves at a customer’s location.

High Pressure Repairs – TVI maintains AVK equipment for applications involving high pressure to ensure your valves are set properly without damaging valve components.

Contact your local TVI representative for more information.

Asset Management & Rationalization

Supplier Asset Management Program

Farris – IPrism – Farris has worked with OSHA and a number of customers to develop an all-encompassing software package to manage the safety of all items within a plant.
Please contact your TVI representative for more information regarding this program.
TVI Developed Asset Management Programs
Storeroom Management – TVI has worked with a number of customers to clean up storerooms, reduce duplication of part numbers, identification of areas to reduce of inventory.

Valve Automation – Are you looking to stock components for valve automation?  TVI can help raionalize the components you keep on the shelf to ensure you have the right products to automate all of your processes.  TVI’s secure extranet web application can catalog your valve automation packages by serial number, showing all the details of each package purchased, ensuring your replacement automation package is a duplicate of the last order.

Relief Valves – TVI’s valve tracking software can provide details on all of the repair process of each valve including repair history, parts replaced, and parts to replace at the next service.

Customized Part Number Tagging – With multiple automated tagging machines, TVI can include any information on your assets.  Tags can be metal or plastic.

RFID Tracking – TVI can track and inventory your assets using state of the art RFID technology. Catalog information can be accessed on TVI’s secure web site, or exported to your own internal IT systems.

Valve Sizing

Relief Valve Sizing – TVI uses Farris’ Sizemaster software to validate new valves in applications.  This software not only sizes valves based on volume or mass flow, and steam, but also can be used for two-phase flow. This software can be installed at customers’ locations either in a stand alone or network environment.  TVI and Farris provides factory and on-site training for the use of this software.  TVI provides sizing and validation sheets for all customers for all applications as requested at no charge.

Valve Automation Sizing – Manu suppliers offer actuator sizing software to ensure actuators are properly sized for each application.  TVI can either size actuators for applications and provide data sheets or provide access to to the software for customers.

In addition, TVI has developed a proprietary valve automation system that ensures all aspects of your valve package is built to your specifications.

Supply Chain Services

Vendor Rationalization – TVI has worked with a number of customers to cost effectively provide a full range of products allowing for a reduction of suppliers.

Online Ordering – With online ordering, TVI offers customers the ability to order items quickly and easily.

Contract Pricing – All pricing contractually agreed to is available to all locations in our e-commerce solution. This reduces pricing concerns for remote locations.

Customized Cataloging – Only items you wish to purchase will appear in your catalog.

Multiple Location Support – Corporate can be copied on orders for any or all locations as orders are placed keeping everyone immediately aware of all expenses.

Customer Part Number Reference on all Orders – TVI will place your part number on all items purchased making it easier to identify items during receiving and payable entry.

Custom Labeling – TVI can print custom labels on delivery boxes helping to identify purchase order information, job information, or any other information that would help you during the receiving process.

Vendor Managed Inventory

TVI has worked with customers with both managing customers’ assets at their location or consigning inventory. Items can be tracked with RFID technology and easily accessed through our secure web-based management platform. Custom data feeds and exports are also available for your internal systems, in a variety of formats.