Ball Valves

SAMSON Group manufactures top and side entry, floating and trunnion ball valves in sizes from one-half inch up to forty-two inches or larger depending on your need. Ball valves can be ordered with metal, graphite or soft seats and different sealing options to suit the requirements of your processes.

Butterfly Valves

SAMSON Group high performance, centric, double eccentric and triple eccentric butterfly valves range in sizes from two inches up to one hundred inches or larger, if needed, for better control or tight shut-off.  Valves are offered in a selection of materials. Customized butterfly valves specially designed for cryogenic applications, anti-surge requirements, or with low noise trim are also available.

Eccentric Rotary Plug Valves

Rotary plug valves are a combination of a ball valve, butterfly valve and a classic globe control valve with an unobstructed flow path that is free of dead space and maintains control of high pressure drops. Cost saving occurs when ordering plug valves because the Cv coefficients can reach up to 200% higher than those of globe valves.  A smaller valve can be used to maintain control of the flow. SAMSON Group eccentric rotary plug valves are manufactured in sizes one inch to twenty inches for throttling or on/off service.