Pneumatic linear actuators contain a rolling diaphragm with internal springs and have a low height and low friction. The fail-safe action is easily reversed in the field with no extra parts by inverting the diaphragm and switching the direction of the air supply. Actuators fit on a yoke and are designed to sit directly over the valve enhancing the compact design of the valve assembly.

Pneumatic rotary actuators are designed to open at a 70° angle for throttling applications and 90° angle for on/off applications. The actuators can be ordered with manual override. SAMSON offers rack & pinion, piston, and diaphragm rotary actuators.

Electric actuators have optional electric or mechanical override and can be ordered with fail-safe action.

Linear Actuators For Industrial Applications

SAMSON Linear Actuators For Industrial Applications

Linear Actuators for HVAC Application

SAMSON Linear Actuators For HVAC Applications

Rotary Actuators

SAMSON Rotary Actuators