XOMOX ALLXOMOX® automated valve packages assure you of single source responsibility for flow control equipment. With the XOMOX family of valves, actuators, control accessories, and XOMOX problem solving expertise, you are assured of valve packages that will provide optimum performance in your application.



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Vane Pneumatic Actuators

Vane Pneumatic ActuatorsMatryx Vane Actuators are smaller than other types of actuators in the torque output range of up to 36,000 in-lb.

Matryx Vane Actuators produce a high ratio of torque output per pound of actuator weight. Exhaustive factory tests and customer applications have substantiated the long life of matryx vane actuators.

Matryx vanes are easy to install because of their lightweight, compact design. Mounting kits are available for all types of valves and other devices.

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Rack and Pinion Pneumatic Actuators

XRPThe unique features of  XOMOX® XRP Pneumatic Rack & Pinion Actuators include a balanced pinion which does not require an external clip to prevent the pinion from blowing out.

The XRP also has individual single point adjustment for both the CW and CCW directions and 98 degrees of total travel on the most popular sizes.


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Automation Accessories

Accessorries Atomation XomoxXOMOX® offer customers a variety of accessories for their automated packages for general purpose to explosion proof applications.




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