The SAMSON Group is comprised of SAMSON AG, global SAMSON sales subsidiaries, and ten manufacturing companies that provide flow control solutions to leading processing companies worldwide.  SAMSON Group custom manufactures, sells, and distributes high quality, modular linear globe, rotary plug, ball, and butterfly control valves, in standard and exotic metals, sizes ranging from micro-flow to 100 inch and larger for water, process fluids, slurries, vapor, steam, industrial gas, and cryogenic gas applications in oil & gas, petrochemical, nuclear & traditional power, industrial chemical, household & personal chemical, food & beverage, pharmaceutical, solar thermal, mining & metals and HVAC industries.

Using HART, Foundation Fieldbus, and Profibus technology, SAMSON positioners and instrumentation are capable of integrating with control systems to supply both control and diagnostics. SAMSON Group also manufactures pneumatic and electronic control valve accessories such as positioners, actuators, solenoid valves, limit switches, boosters, noise reducers, and diagnostic control systems.  Located across the globe, SAMSON Group provides customers with solutions to controlling the flow of fluid processes.

Globe Valves

SAMSON valves can be ordered in globe, angle, and three-way bodies in a wide range of sizes and pressure classes made of standard, exotic, or PFA/PTFE lined materials with welded, threaded, or flanged ends. Depending on your need, the valves can be modified for continuous control or on/off with added limit switches or solenoid valves that meet SIL requirements.

SAMSON globe control valves provide measured control of your fluid processes such as non-corrosive, corrosive and erosive media, and steam, hygienic and aseptic fluids. Using pneumatic or electric actuators and digital positioners, the valves integrate with diagnostic control systems through HART, Profibus, and Foundation Fieldbus protocols.

Even under the most extreme conditions, SAMSON valves maintain their reputation for high quality. Rising costs must be monitored and controlled. Regulations and laws become more restrictive and complex. SAMSON customers, rightfully expect improving technology to meet your process needs. SAMSON continues to innovate while maintaining high quality and service.

Rotary Valves

SAMSON Group manufactures ball, segmented ball, butterfly, and eccentric rotary plug valves for non-corrosive, corrosive, and erosive media that conform to rigid ANSI, API, and ASME standards for both on/off and throttling service.

The valves are made in a variety of materials (ceramic, PFA/PTFE lined, carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel, Duplex, Monel, titanium, Hastelloy, Inconel, SMO, bronze, etc.) for use in many industries, such as oil and gas, chemical, petrochemical, pulp and paper, nuclear and conventional power, waste water, and mining and extraction. Rotary valves are offered in low or high pressure classes for light or heavy industrial applications.

Specialty Valves

SAMSON offers both linear and rotary valves for special applications such as cryogenic, hygienic, aseptic, desuperheating, nuclear power, and toxic chemicals.

SAMSON cryogenic globe or angle control valves withstand temperatures as lows as -459° F (-273°C) to as high as +149°F (+65°C). Cryogenic valves are used for vapor and gas processes as well as sanitary processes.

SAMSON hygienic and aseptic control valves are made of stainless steel and PTFE/PEEK with wetted internal polished or machine finishes designed for CIP/SIP. For stricter purity, optional steam-line connections are available. Hygienic and aseptic angle control valves are available in sizes one-fourth to five inches. SAMSON also manufactures sanitary pressure regulators for use in hygienic and aseptic processes.

SAMSON steam converting valves simultaneously reduce the pressure and temperature of superheated steam by injecting water into the steam, downstream of the vena contracta. This method maximizes the process efficiency by using steam near the saturation point while minimizing cost since the cooling water doesn’t need preheating and wear & tear on the downstream piping and equipment is reduced.  Steam converting valves can be ordered either globe or angle in ANSI sizes two to twenty inches, class 150 to 900.

All SAMSON valves have a modular design utilizing pneumatic or electric actuators with digital pneumatic or electric positioners to fit your process needs. Other accessories such as metal bellows, heating jackets, noise reducers and boosters can be added as needed.


SAMSON Group offers pneumatic, electric, electropneumatic, and hydraulic actuators for linear and rotary high and low pressure control valves of all sizes for all applications including specialty applications such as cryogenic, food & beverage, and severe service. SAMSON also offers hand crank actuators.

Pneumatic linear actuators contain a rolling diaphragm with internal springs and have a low height and low friction. The fail-safe action is easily reversed in the field with no extra parts by inverting the diaphragm and switching the direction of the air supply. Actuators fit on a yoke and are designed to sit directly over the valve enhancing the compact design of the valve assembly.

Pneumatic rotary actuators are designed to open at a 70° angle for throttling applications and 90° angle for on/off applications. The actuators can be ordered with manual override. SAMSON offers rack & pinion, piston, and diaphragm rotary actuators.

Electric actuators have optional electric or mechanical override and can be ordered with fail-safe action.

Control Valve Accessories

SAMSON Group offers a wide array of accessories for control valves such as pneumatic and electric positioners, limit switches, solenoid valves, boosters, air sets, lock-up valves, quick exhaust valves etc. Accessories for SAMSON control valves are compatible with the modular design of SAMSON valves to give you the right valve for your needs.

SAMSON pneumatic or electric digital positioners for linear and rotary valves integrate with the most sophisticated control systems using HART, Profibus, and Foundation Fieldbus protocols. The single push knob makes on-site calibration easy. SAMSON Explosion-proof positioner is configurable in hazardous areas. These positioners can also meet the needs of safety applications up to a SIL 3 level. Positioners can be remote mounted.

SAMSON limit switches with NAMUR contacts integrate with your industrial control systems for easy operation on-site or from a computer to provide control and diagnostics. They can be ordered with internal or external solenoid valves.

SAMSON boosters, heating jackets and other accessories can be ordered to fit the control valve that best suits your processes.

Self Operated Regulators

SAMSON self-operated regulators for liquids, gases and vapors use the process medium to function. Auxiliary energy is not required. SAMSON offers self-operated regulators for pressure, temperature, differential pressure, flow, as well as combination regulators.

SAMSON sanitary pressure reducing regulators are suitable for liquids from freezing to 320°F. The wetted inside surface with polished or smooth finish and cavity free body design is manufactured with FDA approved materials for CIP/SIP. These regulators can be ordered from one-half inch to two inch with a set point range of 5 psi – 90 psi.

Measurement, Control, and Operation

Many tasks which used to be performed on site are now carried out on the monitor in the control room. Complex operations and processes demand quick reactions. As a result, maximum plant safety and process visualization are essential. In today’s fast-paced environment, user-friendly equipment, compact work stations and standardized communication systems are indispensable.

SAMSON’s answer to these challenges is: “TROVIS”. Using TROVIS equipment, new ideas can be realized in process engineering as well as in the automation of plants and buildings. Simple compact controllers as well as modular systems using standardized communication systems offer solutions to any automation problem in process engineering. TROVIS equipment and systems by SAMSON are used successfully in a wide range of industries, for example, food and beverage, pharmaceutical, waste management, and other automation and control systems.

For the HVAC industry, the main considerations are economy and energy savings without compromising comfort.

All automation tasks in building management as well as large district heating systems can be solved efficiently and conveniently with the user-friendly TROVIS equipment.

Responsible for the complete automation systems, individual projects and turnkey installations is SAMSOMATIC, a subsidiary of SAMSON.