Air Dryers

782PVC780The Protectoseal No. 782 Air Dryer provides a simple, relatively inexpensive means of extracting unwanted moisture from make up air entering a storage tank. Also Available in Series PVC780.


Protectoseal Series PVC780 Specifications

Protectoseal Series 782 Specifications

Flash Arrester Fill Units – Series 120

120The Protectoseal Series No. 120 unit, when installed in storage tank fill openings, protect tank contents from external ignition sources during filling operations.



Protectoseal Series 120 Specifications

Flash Arrester Fill Units – Series 500

500The Protectoseal Series No. 500 Flash Arrester Fill Units are particularly suited for installation in storage tank openings where tanks are filled by direct connection from trucks or railroad tank cars.



Protectoseal Series 500 Specifications

Gauge Hatches

4960The Protectoseal Series No. 4970D and 4980D Gauge Hatches provide ready access to storage tanks for gauging or sampling.



Protectoseal Series 4960/4970/4980/5960 Specifications

Internal Safety Valves

3000The Protectoseal Series No. 3000 Internal Safety Valves are intended for use on storage tanks containing flammable or combustible liquids. Safe and efficient, the valves help protect the tanks and their contents and provide valuable aid in accident prevention.


Protectoseal Series 3000 Specifications

Overflow Valves

7300DThe Protectoseal Series No. 7300D Overflow Valve eliminates an open overfill pipe connection into the vapor space of the tank.



Protectoseal Series 7300D Specifications

Water Drain Valves

660Protectoseal Series No. 660 Water Drain Valves are designed to provide maximum flow and assure complete draining when relieving tanks of bottom water accumulated during normal breathing.



Protectoseal Series 660 Specifications

Pressure Relief Rim Vent

4276Protectoseal Series No. 4276 Rim Vents are designed for use on floating roof tanks. They are mounted around the rim of the tank roof system and provide casual relief for any pressure accumulations under the pontoon sections of the roof.


Protectoseal Series 4276 Specifications