Cameron’s ORBIT rising stem ball valve’s unique tilt-and-turn design, which reduces seal rubbing and delivers reliable performance, is the proven technology for arduous process conditions. From high temperature, critical isolation to molecular sieve switching services, Cameron’s ORBIT rising stem ball valve continues to be a valve of choice. This legacy of innovation is present throughout the brand’s history, beginning in the industry a century ago.

ORBIT Rising Stem Ball Valves

ORBIT Rising Stem Ball ValveIdeal for applications that require zero leakage and frequent operation, Cameron ORBIT rising stem ball valves are used globally in gas processing plants using molecular sieve systems in switching service.

Every ORBIT rising stem ball valve incorporates a proven tilt-and-turn operation that eliminates seal rubbing, which is the primary cause of valve failure. The absence of seal rubbing during both opening and closing means easy, low-torque valve operation and long-term reliable performance.

When an ORBIT rising stem ball valve is closed, the core is mechanically wedged tightly against the seat, ensuring positive shutoff. When a valve begins to open, the core tilts away from the seat and line flow passes uniformly around the core face. This eliminates the localized high-velocity flow that typically creates uneven seat wear in ordinary ball, gate, and plug valves. The core then rotates to the fully open position.

ORBIT Rising Stem Ball Valve Brochure