5201 – Temperature Sensor Type 5201 to 5261

The Type 5201 through Type 5261 temperature sensors are designed for measuring temperatures in heating, ventilation and air-conditioning systems.




Media 5 – Differential Pressure and Flow Meter

The Type Media 5 is a transmitter for measuring and indicating the differential pressure or measured variables derived from it making the valve suitable for gases or liquids. Measuring ranges are between 0 to 0.5 and 0 to 53 psi static pressures up to 725 psi. Optionally it can be equipped a with limit switch with three inductive alarm contacts. Measurement tasks include: liquid level measurement in pressure tanks, especially for cryogenic gases; differential pressure measurement between flow and return flow pipe; pressure drop measurement across valves and filters; and flow rate measurement according to the differential pressure method.

SAMSON_type_Media_5 manual

TROVIS 5171 – Control and Processing Unit

The Type TROVIS 5171 Control and Processing Unit is a freely programmable plants and applications for heating, ventilation and air-conditioning systems Developed using the ISaGRAF® programming environment.



SAMSON_type_5171 manual

TROVIS 6620 – I / O Module

The Type TROVIS 6620 I/O Module for connection to TROVIS 6610 CPU Module. The I/O module records the analog and digital input signals of connected sensors. Digital signals to be processed by the CPU module are transmitted over the bus. The data recorded by the CPU module are, in turn, transmitted by the I/O module as analog or digital signals to the control valves.