2780 – HVAC Pneumatic Linear Actuators

The Type 2780 pneumatic linear actuator is designed for use in heating, ventilation and air-conditioning systems as well as for mechanical engineering.

The Type 2780 pneumatic actuators are diaphragm-type actuators with internal compression springs. They are suitable for attachment to SAMSON Type 3213 and Type 3222 Globe Valves and to Type 3226 and Type 3260 Three-way Valves.

Application: Pneumatic Actuator for HVAC and Light Industry.

Rated Travel: 6 to 15 mm

Options: With or without direct positioner attachment.

SAMSON_Type_2780 Manual

5824 & 5825 – HVAC Electric Linear Actuator

The Type 5824 electric linear actuator without fail-safe action and the Type 5825 electric linear actuator with fail-safe action are designed for heating, ventilation and air-conditioning systems.

The linear actuators are particularly suitable for attachment to SAMSON Types 3260, 3222, 3226, 3213, 3214 and V2001 Valves. In addition, they can be used as additional electric actuators on self-operated differential pressure and áow regulators.


Application: Electric Actuator for HVAC and Light Industry.

Rated Travel: 6 to 15 mm

Available Thrust: Upto 0.7 kN

Options: Integrated Positioner, Limit Switches, Fail Safe Action

SAMSON_Type_5824/5825 Manual